Enterprise Industrial Heritage

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Enterprise Cultural Heritage (ECH) is a complex combination of a company's own history and creations - technical contents (past projects, technological solutions, "savoir faire", etc.), industrial design (evolution of models, drawings, materials, etc.), organisation (management style, relationships, etc.), marketing (advertising, company public image, company values, etc.) - with the potential to transform information and materials into "extended products" or services. ECH management, by filling market niches, improving creativity in production, innovating knowledge management skills, is thus among the "intangible" drivers to boost higher service content in European manufacturing and increase EU productivity performance.
Many successful ECH management examples exist, especially for large companies (for example the "new" FIAT 500, the Guinness brand, etc.). The issue is also clearly relevant for many small and medium organizations or industrial clusters with a rich history and, possibly, a well identified territorial or sectoral dimension (especially in traditional "creative" sectors such as textile, fashion, food, jewellery, ceramics, wood, etc.). However, despite such a potential, the majority of small and medium sized organisations find difficult to identify, save, transfer and provide with economic added value their cultural background.

–> The European Project Quality & Innovation in Vocational Training for ECH www.enterpriseculturalheritage.org has developed the definition ECH and offers a methodology to take advantage of our organization history.
Training material on Brand, Heritage, Change, and IPR management has been delivered in Open Access mode, under Creative Commons 3.0 BY license in order to learn the methodology and the tools available.

Aims of the steering group:

  • Develop relationships with the ECH Open Community.
  • Take advantage of the ECH training material
  • Lead to a better set-up of the ECH methodology for E-FAITH members and/or market sectors.

Expected Results:

  • Analysis and revision of the ECH methodology applied to Industrial Heritage.
  • A list of best practices of organizations which have validated the revised methodology.
  • Products or activities to be realized in 2015

At least two among the following:

  •   Open discussion on ECH Open Group on Linkedin network
  • ECH methodology vertical for Industrial Heritage guidelines
  • Scientific paper on revised methodology and best practices, with clear indicators for validation (to be agreed with ECH partners)
  • Workshop or presentation of results in IH weekend 2015

Co-ordinator / steering group leader:
Giuseppe Ielpa, Computer Science Engineer
E-FAITH member, ECH partner
skype: g.ielpa
web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/giuseppeielpa

Members/partners of the steering group:
Still looking for partners.
Contact the team leader if your association is interested to join
Conditions to join are that results of the work executed should be released under Creative Commons 3.0 BY license

Group moderator:
Giuseppe Ielpa (ad-interim)

Modus operandi
electronic communication (e-mail, dropbox, skype);
meeting during 2015 IH weekend

at present no funding available for the working group members.

Languages used in the group:
English for internal communication

Languages accepted for incoming information:
English, French, Dutch and Italian


 Further Information