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The 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year offers great opportunity to promote awareness and appreciation among the different stakeholders of the value of Europe 's  pioneering role in global industrialization, and to encourage  and enable tomorrow's decision makers to participate in industrial heritage conservation and to respond to the continuing threats facing it. The European industrial Heritage is a building block of our shared identity as it reflects a rich historic interaction through the transfer of skills and expertise, technology and processes across national boundaries. The understanding and appreciation of this European heritage and its most significant sites must therefore be passed on to future. Politicians, private and  non-governmental associations, volunteers, researchers, local and regional authorities and citizens are all involved in such a task, overwhelming in size and complexity. We all now examples about  how the increasing citizenship awareness of industrial heritage issues has influenced local politicians and urban planning authorities. Industrial heritage needs a social uptake, involving citizens reduces societal barriers to uptake of solutions

In this context we propose E-FAITH members and local industrial heritage associations the possibility to join the Public opinion steering group with the main objective of launching common activities which allow us to analyze public perception and degree of involvement on the topic and raise awareness of young people about the value of industrial Heritage.

Reports on the result of the activity at national and European level could be an interesting tool to show the European Council the citizenship commitment, concerns and expectations about the situation of the industrial Heritage and its cultural and socioeconomic impacts

Aims of the steering group:

  • to develop a network of European partners willing to organize activities to analize the social perception of industrial heritage within its  community and to rise awareness of the topic in the younger population
  • to gather different ideas about that sort of activities
  • to design the common activities to be shared with the rest of the associations to write down a common report on the results to send to the local and European stakeholders

Expected results:
We propose the different associations two activities/methodologies: a Focus Group to gather information about social perception of the topic and a Play decide game to motivate and to raise awareness of young people on Industrial Heritage.
Our association will send all the partners the information they need about the methodology, materials to develop the activities and instructions to put them into practice.
Both, Focus-group and Play Decide are independent activities. Associations can work with the one that fits best to their target audience and their strategic plans.

Co-ordinator / steering group leader:
Asociación en defensa de las Chimeneas y del Patrimonio industrial de Málaga
Centro Ciudadano del Carmen. Local 7
C/ Senador Francisco Román s/n,  29002 Málaga  Spain
tel 46+34669714346

Group moderator:
Carmen Guerra
tel: +34 616623085+34 616623085
Mail :
Skype Carmenguerraretamosa

Partners :
In Spain:

  • Asociación en defensa de las Chimeneas y del Patrimoo Industrial de Málaga
  • Asocición la Volaera. Torre del Mar Málaga
  • SAC Nerja

> still looking for partners.
Contact the team leader if your association is interested to join: w
e are looking for associations in Europe ready to develop the activities in their community.

Modus operandi :
Electronic communication, dropbox, skype,mails...
If partner associations are interested we could organise a training session in Málaga or Granada to show the rest of the associations how to  deal with the materials
One will use the two methodologies which have been tested during two previous European Projects ( FP7 VOICES et PLAYDECIDE)

At present there is no funding available for the working group members.
The Asociación en defensa de las Chimeneas y del Patrimonio industrial  will design the materials for both activities and share them in pdf-format with the partners, who then just  will have just to print the materials to use.

Languages used in the group:
English and French for internal communication / Français et anglais pour la communication interne

Languages accepted for incoming information:
English, French and Spanish