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Aims of the steering group

The RESTOR Hydro steering group will disseminate the project tools and the implementation progress of the pilot sites within the steering group partners’ countries. The RESTOR Hydro partners have developed tools to facilitate small hydro power development by restoring historic mills and production units within a cooperative legal framework.
Please see:

Moulin de Roquebrun

Project Objectives

  • Supply electricity to local communities and the European grid on a sustainable and economically viable basis
  • Raise awareness that small hydropower is an environmentally sustainable and beneficial part of our renewable energy mix
  • Demonstrate the attractiveness of small hydropower as a local investment vehicle, bringing revenue to local communities and contributing to energy independence, while preserving our historical heritage and the environment
  • Contribute to significant, stable renewable energy generation throughout the EU

Expected results / programme:

RESTOR Hydro days will take place in the partner countries during 2015 :
EDORA : 24th and 26th April 2015, Marchin and Clavier, Belgium
FDMF/FHE : 2nd May 2015, Bain de Bretagne, Brittany (Forum des Moulins Producteurs)
FDMF/ FHE /Auxilium34 : 7 may 2015, Roquebrun, Languedoc Roussillon (Journée Moulins d'Oc)
SVAF : 9th of May, Vänga kvarn, Vänga, Borås.
SVAF: 18th of April, Växjö or Linköping

Meeting of partners during the RESTOR Hydro Athens meeting in April 2015
All the tools will be published and translated on the RESTOR Hydro official website by June 2015

Co-ordinator / steering group leader:
The French RESTOR Hydro partners (FDMF, FHE) and Auilium34 will coordinate the 2015 steering group.

Auxilium34 :

Members/partners of the steering group:

  • SVAF – Swedish Hydropower Association
    A non profit, politically independent , branch organisation for SHP
    Founded in 1980
    800 members of which 400 owns 800 SHP:s ( 40-45 % of all Swedish SHP:s), mainly small companies/family owned companies ; most owners lives by the SHP and and takes care of the cultural heritage. Swedish SHP generates app. 4 – 5 TWh per year in average, i.e. c:a 3-4 % of the total electricity generation or app. 7 % of the electricity generated by hydropower.
    Member of ESHA, European Small Hydropower Association, since 1995
  • EDORA – Fédération des énergies renouvelables
  • other interested partners still wellcome

Group moderator:
Bridget Petit, (FDMF/FHE/Auxilium34) or

Modus operandi:
A preparatory meeting took place in Malmö during the RH meeting on the 25th September 2014 where partners agreed to create a steering group for 2015. Skype and electronic communication will be used.

There is no funding by E-FAITH available for the steering group members (E-FAITH is entirely voluntary, not subsidised) - but it might be possible that grants could be
obtained by the group through their own efforts: please mention if funding is or is not available.
Limited funding is available for the RESTOR Hydro days and Athens meeting.

Languages used in the group:

Languages accepted for incoming information:
English, French, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and German


 Further Information