Added values

International cooperation can offer local or regional projects many new dimensions, provide alternative and novel opportunities, a new look at solving issues, exchanging ideas and experiences.
International cooperation:

  • makes projects more ambitious
  • reaches a larger audience and achieves a greater critical mass - resulting e.g. in economies of scale and synergies
  • improves competitiveness
  • often results in new ways of tackling the problems
  • promotes innovation through new skills
  • it broadens your horizons
  • developing territorial identity and raises awareness by local people for their area and history
  • ...
  • Just to state that 1 + 1 = 3 (or more)

E-FAITH’s main aim is to promote in 2015 contacts and co-operation of associations and volunteers across borders. Indeed, together they can reach and realize more, they can support each other’s initiatives and activities, they can exchange ideas, experiences and expertise.

2015 should be a first but important step, a start to continue and go further for the years to come.